True Detective Soundtrack – Season 2 – Episode 6

Rachel McAdams True Detective Soundtrack  Season 2   Episode 6


List of songs in order of appearance in show – “Church in Ruins” – S02E06

Point in the show: Theme Song in the Opening Sequence
Artist/Song : Leonard Cohen with “Nevermind”  – AmazoniTunes

Point in the show: Ray snorting cocaine  and drinking at his house
Artist/Song : New York Dolls with “Human Being” – Amazon | iTunes

Point in the show: Ani at the sex party while Ray and Paul wait outside, Ani having flashbacks, Paul in office getting papers
Artist/Song : John Adams; Edo de Waart & San Francisco Symphony with “Harmonielehre, Part II – The Anfortas Wound” – Amazon |  iTunes

(Note: Harmonielehre is German for harmony; all MP3 versions I found were part of an album)

Information on Anfortas Wound


Point in the show:  All of them in car turning onto road, Closing Credits
Artist/Song :The Black Angels with “Black Grease” – Amazon | iTunes