True Detective Soundtrack – Season 2 – Episode 5

True Detective Soundtrack Season 2 Episode 5photo/HBO

List of songs in order of appearance in show – “Other Lives” – S02E05

Point in the show: Theme Song in the Opening Sequence
Artist/Song : Leonard Cohen with “Nevermind”  – AmazoniTunes

Point in the show: Frank at the club looking around , Frank talking to Jordan in office
Artist/Song : Vincent & Mr. Green with “Give Me” – Amazon | iTunes

Point in the show: Frank leaving office, Ani and Ray talking in the bar
Artist/Song : Lera Lynn with “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” – Amazon  |  iTunes

(Note: This was the 1st song released on the True Detective Soundtrack and was in the 1st trailer before season started, links above are to the single track.)

Point in the show: Closing Credits
Artist/Song : Alexandra Semitone with “Risk” –  Amazon | iTunes

(Note: The track above is available only as a part of the soundtrack album)

True Detective music producer T Bone Burnett talks about Season 2, Lera Lynn and the remaining episodes