Season 1 Soundtrack of True Detective

Received a few emails asking about an official Season 1 soundtrack of True Detective and as of writing this in late August 2014, it looks like one is not forthcoming.  That truly sucks….

But, you can click through to my Season 1 lists , pick an episode and download whatever songs suits your fancy.

Also, I put together a soundtrack of all the songs on the show that had MP3’s available and you can click, listen and choose to your own liking.

iTunes True Detective Season 1 Soundtrack 

Update 6/16/15 – The soundtrack for Season 1 & 2 will be released 8/14/15 with 14 songs on iTunes and Amazon,  full story here.

The most excellent song “Sign of the Judgement” by Cassandra Wilson in Episode 6 and 7 is still not available for download but I did run across the video below on Youtube.