Season 1 & 2 Soundtrack for True Detective released in August

According to an article on KMBZ, the soundtrack for Season 1 & 2 will be released fully in August and is available on iTunes and Amazon for pre-order. It is also available on CD.

The only song on the album at the moment is “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For”, which was the background music for the 1st trailer of Season 2, and composed by the creative team of Lera Lynn, Rosanne Cash and T-Bone Burnett.

The song is also available for single download on iTunes and Amazon.

This will be released by Harvest Records and supposedly, the other soundtrack songs will not be revealed until midnight the episode airs in which the song is featured, all the way through to the final True Detective episode August 9th.

Update: Through the first 4 episodes, the track is usually available on Wednesday after the episode airs.

On August 14th, the entire 14 song soundtrack will be available for purchase.

Track List

  1. The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” by Lera Lynn (Trailer & S2 Ep5)
  2. My Least Favorite Life” by Lera Lynn (S2 Ep1)
  3. A Church In Ruins” by Lera Lynn (S2 Ep2)
  4.  “Intentional Injury” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy (S2 Ep3)
  5. “It Only Takes One Shot” by Lera Lynn (S2 Ep4)
  6. Lately” by Lera Lynn (S2 Ep8)
  7. Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen (S2 Theme Song)
  8. All the Gold in California” by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (S2 Ep1)
  9. What a Way to Go” by John Paul White (S2 Ep2)
  10. Far From Any Road” by The Handsome Family (S1 Theme Song)
  11. Risk” by Alexandra Semitone (S2 Ep5)
  12. Sign of the Judgement” by Cassandra Wilson (S1 Ep6 & Ep7)
  13. Rocks and Gravel” by Bob Dylan (S1 Ep1)
  14. The Angry River” by S.I. Istwa & Father John Misty (S1 EP8)